“Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Nourish it. Watch your life Transform and be healthy.” 

-Bella Bleue

About Ashley 

I'm Ashley, Florida girl turned SoCal, currently living in Houston. I am a granola mom, yoga & fitness addict, knowledge seeker, believer in the metaphysical, lover of travel, health nut, closet science geek, aspiring free spirit with a type A personality, personal growth seeker, and design hobbyist. I have a passion for helping others achieve mental, physical, and emotional health.

As a certified fitness trainer, yoga instructor, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Health Coach, my passion is for teaching and guiding women in their own health journey. As a mom of two toddlers, I know how busy and chaotic life can get. My purpose is to help you create a lifestyle that fulfills you and lets you be the best version of yourself possible. 

I can't wait to meet you,

Love & Light,

Ashley Evans



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Houston, TX

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