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My Journey into health and wellness began as so many other peoples stories begin: The need for change and desire for personal growth. One of my most profound memories as a child was having a constant internal conflict with body image and my weight. I struggled with my relationship with food, and by my early teens I was trying diet fads and yo-yo dieting to feel in control of my unhappiness. After a debilitating car accident at the age of 19, my self-esteem and my happiness hit an all time low. I had gained 20lbs, had chronic pain in my neck and back, and felt a constant feeling of brain fog and lack of clarity, which was a drastic change from the Type-A, ambitious person I was known to be. 


I decided to take control of the situation and signed up to compete in fitness shows (I know, I know... these can lead to more negative body image issues and an even unhealthier view of food.) HOWEVER, I am grateful for this experience and I credit it to a change in my entire outlook and jumpstarted me onto a path of self discovery. After competing, I studied for my personal training certification and taught group fitness. In 2012, I graduated with my B.S. in Health science with a focus on Lifestyle coaching and Nutrition from Arizona State University. After getting married and adding kids into our lives, fatigue, anxiety/stress, and loss of self became a daily struggle. New life transitions from motherhood to moving across country (twice!) jolted me into a new season of life that I can attribute a lot of my personal growth from. My world had opened up to new discoveries and my passion for Wellness and the Mind-Body-Spirit connection led me to pursue my Yoga Teacher Certification in 2018 and continue my education in the power of positivity and mindset shifts. Wanting to further my education in nutrition, I completed my certification in Holistic Nutrition and am a Board Certified Nutrition Professional from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. 

My goal is to help others reach their full potential and begin living a life that aligns them to how they want to feel on the inside a well as how they want to look and feel on the outside. My approach is all encompassing and I find it truly important to live a life in balance. My desire to help others attain physical, mental, and emotional health while they are gathering information to create lasting lifestyle habits is what gets me motivated and passionate about what I do. 

Love & Light,

   Ashley Evans


Houston, TX

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