5 Tips to Decorating for Improved Mental Health

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Use these 5 simple strategies to create a space that benefits your mood and wellbeing

Your home is most likely where you spend a large portion of your time and making sure you have a space that is your own can greatly contribute to improved mental health. Below are 5 tips can use to transform your space into your own personal “Zen Den”.

1. Use colors to your advantage:

Choosing a suitable color palette is one of the most important that you can do within your space. Choose colors that are personal to you and that give you feelings of peace and calming or are inspiring and creative.

When deciding on colors choose a few options and think about how they make you feel. If bright colors like red or orange are over-stimulating and make you feel somewhat anxious than skip those and choose another. For example, I personally love muted colors and tend to be drawn to colors in the grey and blue families.

2. Spread the Love:

Personalize your space with photos of loved ones or meaningful places/events in your life. Having constant reminders around you can bring you the positive feelings of love and joy.

3. Natural Lighting:

Natural lighting is an instant mood booster. Synthetic lighting, specifically blue light and bright white have the ability to disrupt sleep patterns, making them poor choices for bedrooms especially. Make sure you select the appropriate lighting for whichever room you are decorating.

4. Go GREEN:

Another great way to enhance a space is to bring in live plants. Live plants can instantly boost your mood because of their air purifying properties. Certain plants, like snake plants, emit oxygen into the air at night which can help improve air quality while you are sleeping. Surrounding yourself with nature has a profound ability to raise your energetic vibration and improve your overall wellbeing.

5. Keep it Simple:

Cluttered spaces and contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety and having too much stimulus in a room can cause a mental overload. Work towards having a space that is cozy and comfortable to allow you to relax at the end of a long tiring day.

Give these a try and embrace your new space!

Love & Light,


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