Dry Brushing 101

The secret to why this ancient technique is so effective at strengthening your immune system and promoting good health.

The lymphatic system is a major component to the bodies immune system. It is a network of organs, vessels, nodes, and ducts, whose primary function is to rid us of toxins and waste through the transportation of lymph (infection fighting white blood cell containing fluid) throughout our bodies. We have hundreds of lymph nodes (think filters) throughout our body (If you’ve ever had a sore throat or been sick, they can usually be felt in your neck etc).

So why am I explaining this to you? Waste can get stuck in your lymph system and lay stagnate due to it not being circulated. This is where dry brushing comes in. Dry brushing can be thought of as a lymph detox. It works by stimulating the lymphatic system to help it get moving and working more efficiently.

The practice of dry brushing has existed for centuries in many civilizations throughout history. It is a respected tradition in Ayurveda and can be traced back to Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. This is no "wellness fad" and it existed long before the spotlight on social media.

Not only is dry brushing great for your promoting a healthy functioning lymph system, its all a great exfoliator for your largest organ: THE SKIN! It can make it look and feel smoother, and also has been said to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Making dry brushing part of your self care routine has also been said to increase your energy levels, which lets be honest, most of us can benefit from!

I hope I have given you enough information about the benefits of dry brushing to give it a try. I use my dry brush after I get out of the shower or right before (about 3 times a week). I find that this keeps me accountable because it is part of my shower routine. Night time routines can get a bit overwhelming for me to commit to since nights in our household can be unpredictable with two toddlers.

When brushing, think towards your heart. Always brush starting at the the furthest body parts and work towards the center of your body (Feet, legs, stomach) in an upward motion. Be gentle, don’t press to hard, and listen to your body if its not comfortable.

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