Simple & Budget Friendly Self Care Strategies

7 Unique and accessible self care ideas that won't break the bank


This is one of my top suggestions to people when they are looking to create better habits within their life. The average number of times a person hits the snooze button is 3 times which averages out to be anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

You are doing yourself no favors when you hit the snooze button each morning, your body will not return back into deep restorative sleep so why not use that time for something more productive? Try stretching, meditation, journaling or even hydrating yourself! Even getting 15 minutes alone and in peace before your kids wake up can make a huge impact in how the rest of the day goes and flows. Have you ever felt rushed to drop off the kids at school or get to work and those anxious feelings were carried with you throughout the day? Maybe you even were short fused or reacted poorly to a situation. If so, then I encourage you to start the day off the first time the alarm goes off and give yourself ample time to prep for the morning.


Days can get busy and finding time to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine can be low on the priority list. But did you know that sunlight can increase serotonin in our brains and actually improve our mood?

In our modern lives, we are exposed to positive ions from technology, air pollution, and electrical pollution. These positive ions, or “free radicals”, have the ability to leave us feeling drained and lethargic; which can actually reduce our productivity and ability to focus.

So next time you are feeling drowsy or less than productive, think about taking your next phone or conference call outside or meeting a co-worker outside for a much needed break!


This practice alone can be LIFE CHANGING. I cannot stress enough how much of an impact journaling make within your life. This cathartic process acts like a brain jump and can be very helpful in sorting out emotions and stressors. It can help bring different insight to situations and allow you to become more objective. Just as therapy can be beneficial by just talking out loud and getting things out, journaling can have a similar effect and may provide relief from anxiety and overwhelm.


This is such a simple practice that costs nothing and can make a big impact for your health.

When we wake up from a long nights rest, we are naturally dehydrated at a cellular level. It is vital that we replenish our body’s water by hydrating first thing in the morning, even before our coffee.

Adding lemon to your water can kick it up a notch by stimulating the digestive tract and get your system moving after sleeping. It is a great gentle detox practice to incorporate into a morning ritual and one that I have personally been practicing for years.


I don’t know about you but there is something so therapeutic and relaxing about ending the day with a nice warm shower and heading to bed feeling like the negativity of the days has been washed away. As a mom of two I also find that it is some of the only time I get to be alone and just present with myself for even just a few minutes. I also love how it helps set the tone for a restful nights’ sleep.


I have done a blog post on this simple self care strategy before so take a look at that post a few weeks back where I really dive into the science behind this technique. This has got to be one of my favorite practices for overall improved health and one that is safe and effective for most people. Not only is it stimulating and great for the health of your skin, but also great for detoxing your lymph system which can support immune function.


If you find that you are following people or seeing posts that don’t bring you joy or positivity or you are left feeling anxiety or judgmental to yourself or others after reading a post, do yourself a favor and UNFOLLOW THAT PERSON. When you start removing toxic people, situations, and energies from your life you will be amazed at how much more positivity and “good” becomes attracted to you .

I hope some of these strategies resonate with you and you choose one or multiple to incorporate into your routine. Self care doesn't have to mean a big time or financial investment. The purpose of self care is doing something for yourself that brings a bit of joy into your day and nourishes your mind, body, or spirit.

Love & Light,


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